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9 Clear Signs You May Have a Fatty Liver

Your liver is crucial for a healthy life. Aside from filtering toxins from your body, your liver is responsible for building proteins, providing you with ample energy throughout the day, as well as making new blood. But what happens when you suffer from fatty liver, and how can you treat it? The good news is

The Ayurvedic Way: Natural Gastroenteritis Treatment to End a Bothersome Stomach Flu

If you have ever had the stomach flu, you know what a pain it can be.  If the constant vomiting of everything you eat isn’t enough to send you running for treatment, then the impediment to your daily life definitely is. But if you go to a physician, they’re likely to prescribe you a non-natural

Ayurvedic Remedies For Bronchitis: The Best Relief For Congestion

Everyone is familiar with experiencing the occasional bouts of cough spells we get when we’re sick or inhale something unpleasant. However, many people experience a more severe form of coughing spells with other symptoms. Those who have bronchitis will suffer acute or chronic inflammation in the bronchial tube. The top issue for those with bronchitis other

Ayurvedic tratment

Ayurvedic Treatment For Sleep Apnea: How to Solve Sleep Issues

Do you suffer from a host of sleep issues, particularly sleep apnea? Well, ayurvedic treatment might just have the solution for you. And it might seem like a lost cause, especially if traditional medication and treatments do not work. Why would some ancient medicine work? Well, there is more to the world, then that what

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