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Hay fever | Ayurveda Melbourne

Hay fever

Hay fever is not caused by hay and does not result in fever. It is a type of allergic reaction of nose or eyes. Hay fever is the common name for allergic rhinitis. It is more common in spring usually due to the airborne grass, weed or tree pollens are at their peak but it can occur at any time of the year. Hay fever occurs when these are coming into contact with environmental allergens such as pollens, dust mite and animal hair. People who are sensitive to these allergens are affected. It can be severe in a state that affects day to day activities

Symptoms of hay fever

Common symptoms of hay fever include
• Sneezing
• Runny nose
• Rubbing and congested nose
• Itchy ears, nose and throat
• Red, itchy or watery eyes
• Headache

Ayurvedic herbal treatment for hay fever

In the ayurvedic view, hay fever is due to the imbalance of pitta and kapha. The diminished digestive fire may accelerate the condition. Ayurveda concentrates in the real cause of the disease, so pays much attention to boost up the immune system and enables you to compete with the various seasons.

Ayurherbs can help you to achieve this and is mainly based on the body type.

Ayurveda offers its natural power of herbs to conquer the difficulties of hay fever and thereby to enjoy the beauty and freshness of spring.

• Try to use warm food and drinks
• Avoid cold, heavy and fried food
• Avoid faulty food combinations according to ayurveda
• Try to include ginger, turmeric, coriander, black pepper and fennel in daily diet
• Herbs such as guduchi, pippali, basil, liquorice, malabar nut will help to boost up the immune system and act as bronchodilator.
• Panchakarma treatments such as nasya and virechana to balance the vitiated dosha. Nasya, the ayurveda nasal treatment is good for Hay Fever. Medicated Ayurvedic herbal oils are administered into the nostril after an energising massage and steaming to the face. This helps to cleanse and clear out any mucus congestion from the sinuses.

Ayurveda can be considered in

• Allery
• Asthma
• Cough
• Bronchitis
• Hay fever

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