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Natural Tennis Elbow Treatment with Ayurveda in Melbourne

Get quick relief from that dreadful elbow joint pain with our natural Ayurveda treatment therapies in Melbourne.

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What is Tennis Elbow?

Also known as lateral epicondylitis, this is a condition that occurs when there’s pain at the elbow joint – where the tendons of the forearm muscles attach to the bony area of the elbow (lateral epicondyle). It’s caused by an inflammation of the tendon fibers resulting from overuse of the forearm and hand muscles.

Despite its name, this condition not only affects tennis players but also people who engage in activities involving repetitive use of these muscles, such as gardening and painting.

What are the Symptoms of Tennis Elbow?

In most cases, there isn’t a specific injury associated with the start of tennis elbow symptoms. They develop gradually as the pain starts as mild and worsens over the days. Common symptoms include:

  • Elbow stiffness
  • Weakened grip
  • Swollen, red, and warm elbow
  • Burning pain on the outer part of your elbow

Effective Ayurveda Tennis Elbow Treatment in Melbourne

There are many ways to treat tennis elbow. However, most of them involve surgery which is expensive and has harmful side effects – unlike Ayurveda treatment. This treatment uses herbal medications and physical therapies that offer instant pain relief.


This is a massage done with warm oil to relieve tension and joint pain. The massage should be performed in a calm environment by a professional Ayurveda practitioner.

Churna Pinda Swedam

In this sweat-inducing treatment, our Ayurveda therapist will continuously rub a heated bolus with oil-fried herbal powder on the elbow joint. The heat reduces stiffness and relieves pain in the elbow joint.

Dhanyamla Dhara

The therapy involves pouring liquid medicine like medicated milk, medicated oil, and herbal decoction over the elbow joint to lessen the throbbing pain and the swelling.


Our experienced Ayurveda practitioner mixes several Ayurveda ingredients to create a herbal paste that’s applied on the arm to treat relieve the tennis elbow pain. This paste should only be used externally.

Herbal Bandages

A bandage infused with natural Ayurveda herbs is wrapped around your elbow joint to restore the tissues and elbow mobility.

Agni Karma

Agni karma is an ancient treatment that treats musculoskeletal conditions like tennis elbow. It increases arm mobility and provides quick pain relief, without the need for surgery.

Ayurveda Herbs

Tennis elbow treatment with Ayurveda relies heavily on herbs to provide relief. These herbs may include:

Get Quick Relief with Our Ayurveda Tennis Elbow Treatment in Melbourne

Are you experiencing burning pain at your elbow joint?

Our Ayurveda treatment clinic in Melbourne is the best place to get quick pain relief. We have top-rated Ayurveda practitioner to offer safe and effective.

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