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The #1 Natural Ayurvedic Bulging Disc Treatment in Melbourne

At Ayurherbs, we use Ayurvedic therapies to provide non-surgical bulging disc treatment.

We Help You Find Natural Healing Solutions

Discs are located between vertebrae acting as cushions to protect the spine. A bulging disc also referred to as herniated or slipped disc is when a part of the disc’s nucleus is pushed out into the external part of the disc and into the spinal canal. Because of this, the disc presses on spinal nerves which can lead to severe pain. A single excessive strain or injury can cause your disc to slip. However, discs do get weaker with age, which refers to the degenerative disc disease, making them easily rupturable.

For herniated disc and degenerative disc disease treatment, most doctors will prescribe anti-inflammatory medication, steroid injections, physical therapy, and even various types of invasive surgery depending on your condition. At Ayurherbs, however, we prefer to use gentle Ayurvedic remedies to help our clients.

Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment and start your slipped disc treatment with all-natural healing.

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Our Approach

Some of our herniated disc treatment therapies include:

  • Kati Vasti: Pouring warm herbal oil over the lower back to alleviate lower back pain and build and maintain strong muscle and connective tissue. It also helps releasing the nerve tension.
  • Greeva Vasti: A procedure where warm oil is kept in a container on the back of the neck to relieve neck strain and stiffness.
  • Abhyangam: A type of Ayurvedic massage using special  herbal oils that improves the immune system, reduces pain, releases the muscle and helps strengthen the body among other benefits.
  • Kizhi: A type of massage therapy that uses hot pouches filled with herbs and oils for effective pain management and stress reduction.
  • Vasti: A Panchakarma procedure where herbs or oils are administered through the anus and spread inside the body to come out with stool. It helps reduce lower backache and inflammation among other benefits.

We also incorporate beneficial Ayurvedic herbs in all our therapies including:

  • Rasna: Can be used in paste, powder, or oil form to help reduce bone and joint pain.
  • Sallaki: A gentle herb that suppresses joint inflammation and pain by targeting key enzymes that release inflammatory chemicals in the joints.
  • Eranda: Also known as castor oil, it is used as a laxative, anti-inflammatory, for arthritis, and more.
  • Guggulu: Helps with constipation, arthritis, reduces gas, and relieves pain.

Dedicated Natural Wellness Coaches

Our team is made up of naturopathic doctors and holistic clinicians who have extensive experience with disc prolapse treatment. We’re well known in Melbourne for our use of Ayurvedic medicine to treat patients naturally.

Make an appointment with us today and we’ll create a treatment plan just for you.

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Our Process

Step 1: Schedule An Appointment

Reach out to us to schedule an appointment and get started on your journey toward natural wellness.

Step 2: Speak to a Natural Doctor

At your first appointment, you will speak to our health experts to discuss your herniated disc. We will then come up with a custom plan to treat you and help you better manage your symptoms.

Step 3: Start Your Ayurvedic Journey

Once you’ve received your custom treatment plan, it’s time to put it into action! We will help you get started and will follow up with you regularly to ensure success. Based on the results, we may adjust your treatment if needed along the way.

Melbourne’s Top Choice For Bulging Disc Treatment

Our team has proudly been serving Melbourne and India for over a decade and we are now experts on natural Ayurvedic remedies. We can teach you how to manage your symptoms to get you back on your feet quickly.

Ready to Get Started?

We’re here to support your healing journey. Make an appointment with one of our naturopaths today.

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