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The Best Ayurvedic Revitalizing Treatment in Melbourne

Do you often feel tired and sluggish?

You could probably do with an ayurvedic detox.Modern-day life in busy cities like Melbourne is fraught with unnatural behaviors and habits. Over-processed foods, pollution, lack of sleep, and stress are all facts of daily life. 

The human body is simply not designed to operate efficiently while burdened with these toxins. Fortunately, there’s a way to reboot your system and achieve a fresh start with a Panchakarma treatment at one of our Melbourne Panchakarma retreats. 

About Panchakarma

Pachakarma is one of five Ayurvedic cleansing treatments that fall under Sodhana – the total Ayurvedic natural detox plan.

It is very effective as a stand-alone treatment too and is one of the most intensive ayurvedic cleansing rituals.

The word Panchakarma is a combination of the word, ‘pancha’ meaning ‘five’ and karma which means ‘action’. Like Sodhana, it consists of five steps that completely cleanse and renew your body and mind, with a specific focus on detoxifying the organs.

Panchakarma Treatment Procedures

The five steps in the panchakarma ayurvedic cleanse focus on removing disease from the body and correcting doshic imbalances

A panchakarma treatment follows the guidelines laid down by Charaka, the father of Indian medicine and Susruta, the world’s first surgeon – both considered experts on how to detox the body.

These are the procedures involved:

Purva Karma – Preparatory Measures

The three main pre-procedure treatments include pachana, snehana, and swedana.

These cleansing treatments help mobilize toxins towards the intestines before you start with the rest of the stages.

Your Ayurveda practitioner will give you directions to complete these stages on your own at home in the days before your treatment.

Pradhana Karma

These are the 5 major procedures involved in panchakarma. This is what to expect:

1. Vamana

Vamana takes place in the early morning on an empty stomach and involves drinking an emetic herbal solution. This induces vomiting to expel spoiled kapha doshas which can affect your breathing and cause cancer, diabetes and obesity.

2. Virechana

Virechana is a herbal laxative treatment that helps to completely expel toxins from the blood, sweat glands, and gastro-intestinal tract.

3. Vasthi

There are three kinds of Vasthi treatments that involve using medicated enemas to remove toxins and prevent disease.

These are:

  • Niruha or Asthapana vasti – a herbal decoctive enema
  • Anuvasana vasti or Sneha vasti – an oil enema
  • Uttara vasti – a vaginal enema

The Vasthi treatments are particularly effective in cleansing the body and preventing rheumatic (vata) diseases.

4. Nasya

Nasya involves applying medicated oils and powders inside the nose to clear the airways. This treatment is highly effective in relieving discomfort in the head and neck.

5. Rakthamokshanam

This process of bloodletting is not commonly used in modern-day ayurvedic treatments.

Paschath karma – Post-Procedure Measures

There are three things you need to do after a Panchakarma treatment to ensure you get the maximum benefit from an Ayurvedic cleanse.

Samsarjana karma refers to diet, rasayana are therapeutic methods to promote a long life, and shamana are palliative measures

Benefits of an Ayurvedic Detox

Panchakarma has been in use since ancient times as a restorative detoxifying treatment. It has the following benefits:

  • Removing toxins from the entire system
  • Balancing the Doshas
  • Healing the digestive system
  • Enhancing immunity
  • Decreasing stress
  • Promoting anti-aging
  • Improving skin lustre
  • Combating obesity
  • Enhancing mindfulness

Panchakarma may be one of the more extreme methods on the Ayurvedic treatment menu, but it works.

Are you ready to go all out for your health?

If you’re serious about Ayurvedic detox, get in touch to discuss joining one of our Panchakarma retreats.

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