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Your #1 Resource for Getting Tension Headache Treatment

Tension Headaches Plague A Huge Portion of the Population, So Let Us Treat Yours

Tension Headaches Defined

A tension headache is a headache characterized by a tight feeling in your head muscles. It will make your head feel like there’s a heavy pressure as if your muscles have contracted. Tension headaches impact women more often than men, and they’re caused by overactive muscles in the brainstem.

We use natural methods to treat tension headaches so you don’t have to rely on harmful medications to get through your day. Reach out to us today to learn more about our holistic tension headache treatment.

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Using Ayurvedic Therapy

There are a variety of techniques in ayurvedic therapy that will help relieve a tension headache. These include:

  • Nasya- Nasya is a method of delivering relief through the nose. In this procedure, medication is used in the nose with a dropper. This is effective because it allows the medicine to penetrate the Prana.
  • Indian Head Massage- Indian head massage focuses on marma points. With head massage, the energy points of the head are targeted to loosen up the muscles causing a tension headache.
  • Shirodhara- An extremely effective technique for reducing tension in the head, Shirodhara focuses on pouring a warm herbal oils over the head. Common liquids to use for this technique are warm medicated oil,  or herbal decoction.
  • Abhyanga- Abhyanga is a massage that is performed using warm oil. If this is performed on the head, it can help reduce the tension in the muscles of the head. If it’s performed on the neck and shoulders it can relieve the tension on the surrounding nerves leading to the head.
  • Diet and Lifestyle Changes- To prevent tension headaches, you’ll want to first look at your diet. Not only will you want to eat a consistent diet, but the foods you eat really make a difference. In ayurvedic therapy, foods that are cooked, wet, and warm are helpful for preventing tension headaches.

The combination of these methods is great for reducing a tension headache or avoiding one. Tension headaches are often a result in stress that comes from an imbalance in the body. Combining these techniques will restore unity in the body.

Getting Relief from Tension Headaches

Step 1: Research Symptoms

Before we can treat a headache, it’s important that you understand the type of headache you have. Menstrual headaches, migraines, and tension headaches are all treated differently. If you’re having trouble identifying your headache type, give us a call and we’ll help you.

Step 2: Reach Out

If you are experiencing a feeling of pressure in the head or back of the neck, you’re likely experiencing a tension headache. Call us to schedule treatment.

Step 3: Practice Ayurvedic Therapy for Prevention

After you’ve received your abhyanga and relieved the tension headache at hand, keep practicing ayurvedic therapy in your daily life. Eat foods that help reduce pain and keep hydrated. Additionally, schedule abhyanga regularly to calm the muscles.

We are always available to answer questions related to ayurvedic therapy.

Are You Ready to Rid Your Life of Tension Headaches?

Tension headaches are not only uncomfortable, but they interfere with our daily lives.

If you’re ready to prevent and treat your tension headaches, give us a call to get started.

Call Us At:  03 9088 8059


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