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Pulse Diagnosis

Ayurvedic Consultation

Duration: 60 Mins,  $140

Ayurveda, the science of life is a complete health system for mind, body and spirit. Rather than treating symptoms, it treats the whole patient, working holistically to prevent and treat disease.

The main aims of Ayurveda are to maintain the healthy condition of doshas or the vital energies of the body and to cure the disease condition of the body and mind. The aim of Ayurherbs is the same. Ayurherbs is the perfect place whether you are actively looking for a complete holistic healing system or simply need to regain a sense of balance and harmony.

Ayurherbs offers its valuable service through the following ways.

• Discover your body type with the help of an expert ayurveda doctor because the imbalance of the doshas mimic to different ‘prakruti’ or body type.
• Find out the imbalance or vikruti of the doshas
• She can prescribe the ayurveda herbs according to your body type and disease.
• Advice in the lifestyle management
• Changes in the diet to maintain the dosha balance
• Recommending some of the home remedies if needed
• Yoga asanas
• Various ayurveda treatments and panchakarma procedures to maintain equilibrium of each body type.
• Follow up consultation after two weeks or one month according to the condition of the person.

Online Consultation

Ayurherbs now offers online consultations, you can now consult an Ayurveda practitioner at the comfort of home.

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