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Sinus Treatment in Ayurveda: Sinusitis Natural Treatment

Many people suffer from sinusitis and blocked sinuses. The condition can leave you feeling stuffy, sniffly, and headachey. However, with a sinus treatment in Ayurveda, you can put sinus problems behind you for good. Let’s take a look at how a naturopathy treatment for sinusitis can cure your symptoms. What Is Sinusitis? Before we dive

Ayurveda eczema treatment

Is There a Permanent Cure for Eczema in Ayurveda? A Quick Guide

Eczema is one of the most irritating and persistent skin disorders a person might have to live with. Its causes are vast, and its medical treatments can be taxing and unreliable. Creams, pills, steroids, and doctor’s visits – all to relieve an unbearable itch underneath the skin. If you’re struggling, you may be looking for alternatives to

What Are the Ayurveda Doshas?

Ayurveda, which literally translates to “knowledge of life,” is a complex system of medicine that originated in Vedic India more than 5000 years ago. It’s believed to be the oldest surviving medical system in the world. The three doshas play an integral role and are considered the backbone of Ayurveda. It’s holistic and life-enriching, but understanding the Ayurveda doshas

Treating Leucorrhoea Naturally With Alternative Medicine

75% of women will have at least one vaginal infection throughout their lives. The best way to detect infections is by observing your vaginal discharge. Normal discharge serves to keep vaginal tissues healthy and lubricated. But how do you know something is wrong with your discharge? If you see abnormal colors, smells, or quantities, then

A Natural Ayurvedic Treatment for Parasites: Simple and Effective Remedies

Ayurvedic treatments have existed for thousands of years, and they may be a safer alternative to harsh pharmaceuticals and hazardous treatments. Ayurveda is far more comprehensive than your standard doctor’s visit. This type of treatment incorporates medicinal herbs, healing massage, and healthy lifestyle changes to help individuals find relief from a wide variety of ailments.

Ayurveda for Sinusitis: The Top Sinusitis Natural Remedies Worth Trying

Nearly 75% of people in India use ayurvedic medicine. It is one of the oldest forms of traditional medicine, dating back to 2BC. The popularity of Ayurveda has spread to the western world over the last few decades. In many countries such as Germany and the UK, doctors can now study ayurvedic practices as part of

fatigue treatment

Increase Energy and Fight Fatigue With Ayurveda: Natural Remedies for Fatigue

Ayurvedic medicine is a traditional system of medicine dating back thousands of years. Used traditionally as a form of treatment in the Eastern parts of the world, Ayurveda focuses on both preventative and curative treatment modes. Ayurveda has been known to alleviate chronic conditions, reduce stress, improve energy and improve the immune system’s function. With

hair loss

Hair Loss Management With Ayurveda

Hair loss is a global phenomenon, with over 43 million men and 21 million women suffering from it every year. In Australia alone, over 50% of men over 40 suffer from hair loss. If your hair weighs you down, we understand. Losing hair can significantly impact confidence, happiness, and overall self-esteem. Maybe you’ve tried treating

Alternative Medicines for irregular periods

Do You Suffer From Irregular Periods? Alternative Medicine Can Help

So it’s that time of the month again. Our monthly right of passage as women can be annoying to deal with, especially if you are a woman suffering from irregular periods. If you are looking for alternative therapies, you may be interested in Ayurvedic treatments. Ayurvedic medicine is one of the oldest holistic healing practices, dating back

Sinus Headache Treatment Options to Help You Find Relief

Are you handling a throbbing head that won’t go away? Does your face feel tender, sore, and congested? If so, you may be in the midst of a painful sinus headache. Unfortunately, sinusitis is a relatively common problem. It can lead to nasal congestion, excessive mucus production, and headaches. But sinus headache treatment options are

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