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Ayurveda Body Types - Ayurherbs Melbourne
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The Glorious Science of Life – Ayurveda

In the grand treatise by Acharya Charaka, He defines Ayurveda as

the advantageous and disadvantageous, as well as happy and unhappy states of life, along with what is good and bad for life, its measurement and life itself.

Well, in short, and precise, it is the knowledge of life and longevity.

Ayurveda focuses on your physical, emotional and mental health through a healthy diet and lifestyle.


Curious? Let’s get started!

The Acharyas or Scholars of Ayurveda had written its formulations and theories in the sacred language, Sanskrit. So, let’s get familiar with the words Doshas and Prakriti foremost to understand this medicinal practice on a deeper level. As these are the basic elements, functional energy streams, and one’s natural constitution that makes up the total health of one’s body and mind. To simplify it’s all your natural make-up inside out.

The elements of diagnosis

The first approach of an Ayurveda physician to understand a person’s treatment necessities is to understand his/ her natural constitution that is the Prakriti. It is classified in terms of three basic functional elements. The physical, mental and emotional energy patterns called the Tridosha: namely, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.


Every ‘body’ relates to the other with their physique and physiological activities. In terms of that, researchers have interpreted

Vata as the energy of movement

Pitta as the energy of digestion or metabolism or Agni

the energy of lubrication and structure as Kapha.


How well balanced these three are, decides a healthy state from the other.

For instance, the person who has predominant Pitta tendencies will notice that in summer they are more likely to succumb to heat-related problems such as stomach acidity issues, skin disorders, and frustrated emotions. A Vata predominant person may notice that in the fall, they’re more susceptible to circulation issues, feeling cold as though nothing warms them up, occasional constipation, and worrying for no reason. And, the Kapha predominance in a person makes him/her more susceptible to respiratory issues and allergens in spring. They often struggle with congestion issues and weight gain due to their slower metabolism in winter.
Therefore, the stepping-stone in diagnosing different kinds of diseases is to know the person’s Prakriti.

There are many factors that lead to a person’s natural constitution. For example, your eating habits, sleep, and other phases of daily routine, nature of the climate and the ambiance one lives in and likewise. Ayurveda recognizes these unique traits and adopts unique solutions.

Illness creeping from our lifestyle

We may all agree to this fact that most of the diseases mushrooming in today’s world is pretty much from the chaotic and unruly lifestyle adopted. It has somehow invaded inevitably into all our lives. It’s an irony but people are still searching for a better option that can heal the multiplying lifestyle diseases…

…when there’s a treasure of knowledge already been imparted ages ago on how to a balanced healthy life!

Ayur= Life Veda= Knowledge

Ayurveda, not only help you heal but also resolve the root cause of your health problems. If you care for the natural wellbeing, it is worth paying heed to the teachings of Ayurveda.

Incorporate this beautiful holistic practice into your life and you will never look back. Learn to stay healthy in every season, in every age and live life gloriously.

Be in the loop because more details of Ayurveda will be covered. Which include treatment methods, herbal preparations, yoga practices, some Ayurveda recipes, diet, daily routine plan, habit formation and many such wonderful topics. For example, ‘How Ritu Sandhi or the gap in between seasons is related to bad health. What all measures we can take to get past this delicate time period?’.


We all want to live a truly healthy life because the beginning of all happiness in life is health!



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