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Seasonal Transition Health issues | Ayurvedic Cure Melbourne
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Why Seasonal Transitions Affect Your Health

Have you ever noticed that people are always prone to diseases usually around seasonal changes? It can be a simple cough or cold or a serious viral attack. If yes, ever wondered why? Then read on. And if no, you should definitely read on to find out what is Ritu Sandhi or Seasonal junction.

So what makes us sick?

Seasonal Junction (a seven days period at the beginning and end of a season.) is the time period when our body’s natural immunity and defense is compromised. This is a very delicate, sensitive and vulnerable time for our body to readjust with its environment.
It’s because the individual Doshas (body-mind principles) fall out of balance during this period. The Doshas ruling one season changes and get ready for the upcoming season.

A gradual transition phase

Cross the Seasonal Junction ( Ritu Sandhi) gently and with care

There are junctions to every change. We are aware that dawn and dusk are the junctions of day and night. Adolescence and menopause are the junctions of life. And if you know, all these junctions are important and gradual processes. Gradually let go and at the same start and adapt to the practices of the upcoming season. Including lifestyle, diet, and behavioral practices. Food and herbs are to be chosen according to their seasonal gunas or qualities. For example, it is better to keep away sour foods in autumn, as it would lead to Pitta dosha aggravated disorders. It would be absolutely difficult to let go of the same suddenly or at once. But we can gradually reduce the same from our diet and then keep it in minimal.

Balance is the key


We, humans, are equipped with three kinds of immunity. One is innate, one is time bound and the other type is the one we knowingly build up through herbs, the adjustment of diet, balanced routine, daily or seasonal detox, etc. Every adaptation to changed circumstances that the body has to make reduces the resistance to diseases or our immunity.
Mind your dosha, balance it out and increase your immunity through daily ayurvedic protocol and diet during the seasonal junction.

Learn more about how to balance the doshas the Ayurveda way. During the change of season, it is important to address the channels or Srotas throughout your body, either physical or vibrational, which carry everything from food and nutrients, toxins, energy, and more. To know more about how you can do the transition and adapt well to all seasons, book a consultation with Ayurherbs.

Seasons are here for us to celebrate life, so let us welcome each of them in our best health!


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