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Since 2000, the fertility rate of women in their early 30s has been higher than all other groups in Australia. With the heightened fertility rate in this age group, many are wondering how to take care of themselves after childbirth. If you have recently given birth in Melbourne, you should consider a postnatal massage to help with recovery.

Read on to learn about seven reasons you should get an ayurvedic postnatal massage.

1. Helps Uterus Recovery and Swelling Reduction

One reason you should get an ayurvedic postnatal massage is to help your uterus recover after giving birth. These types of massages will help your body go through the natural cleansing process, which helps restore the size of your uterus pre-natal.

Your body will go through uterine contractions that help eliminate blood and other discharge. A postnatal massage in Melbourne will aid your uterus during this process to ensure all of the necessary fluids come out.

Another one of the benefits of massages like these is that they can reduce swelling. When you have a heavy uterus and hormonal imbalances after birth, your body may go through swelling of the joints and water retention. This happens because there is a decrease in circulation caused by pressure on the blood vessels.

During an ayurvedic postnatal massage, your soft tissues will be worked on. This will help improve circulation and eliminate toxins and excess fluids.

2. Reduces Risk of Lumps in Breasts

A massage is one of the highly recommended postnatal care options because having a baby means your body is starting to produce milk. Although this is an important part of motherhood, producing milk can cause blocks and lumps in the breast.

Postnatal care in Melbourne can provide you with a massage that will improve the flow of milk. This means the potential lumps in your breasts will be loosened out.

Some women experience mastitis, an infection caused by a blocked milk duct. A massage helps you loosen lumps and prevent mastitis at the same time.

Overall, these types of massages can stimulate breast tissue making it easier for you to breastfeed. With special techniques, oxytocin is produced which can make you release breast milk while you are getting the massage. This is helpful for women who are struggling to produce milk after they have given birth.

3. Improves Core Muscle Strength

You may have noticed your core muscles weakening during pregnancy. This is not an uncommon factor for women who are giving birth.

When your body mass begins to change, other parts of yourself will change too. This includes posture and hormonal changes. Although these changes are normal, they can cause your connective tissues to relax which weakens your body.

An ayurvedic postnatal massage will help to reverse the change. In other words, you can start getting your strength back.

4. Reduce Stress and Depression

One of the benefits of massages that everyone tends to know is that they can help reduce stress. This is no different when you are getting an ayurvedic postnatal massage.

Pregnancy is often a stressful thing as your body goes through many changes throughout nine months. After having your baby, you may feel just as stressed, if not more. A postnatal massage in Melbourne is the perfect rejuvenation technique your body needs to unwind.

Every woman fears going through postpartum depression when they are pregnant. Although it happens to a small percentage of women, it is a serious condition.

Some women are unaware that they are going through this condition. If you are experiencing heightened emotions including anxiety and stress, be sure to give yourself the attention it needs. Focusing on your body during a massage can be one of the steps to take to feeling like yourself again.

5. Makes Your Skin Glow

A massage is one of the postnatal care options that can even help with the skin. Since a massage can improve blood flow and soothe tissue that has been stretched, you will begin to notice a glow.

A lot of women deal with stretch marks on their skin after pregnancy. These types of massages can help you lose those marks.

6. Gives You Time to Yourself

After giving birth to a child, you may find it hard to get alone time for yourself. Some new mothers may feel selfish spending time away from their child, but it is important to take care of yourself too so that you can take care of your baby.

Getting a postnatal massage can relieve you of your guilt because of the many benefits it has to offer for you and your newborn. When your mental health is right, you will find your overall life being better. When your body is in shape, you will feel less tired when taking care of the baby.

Even new moms deserve some time to themselves.

7. Gets Your Body Back

Postnatal care in Melbourne can speed up the recuperation process. This means your body can recover quicker thanks to the strengthening of your muscles during a massage.

A lot of women wish to get back to their pre-pregnancy body as soon as possible. Although it can be hard, it is never impossible.

One sure way to make the process quicker is by getting post-pregnancy messages. They can do more than build muscles, they can also tuck your tummy in by improving blood flow. Your body can regain vitality just as it once did before.

Get an Ayurvedic Postnatal Massage Now

Pregnancy and childbirth can be a stressful, yet beautiful, process for any mother to go through. To take good care of your newborn, you need to also take care of yourself. Get an ayurvedic postnatal massage now to experience all of the wonderful benefits it can offer.

For more on women’s health after pregnancy, visit our site today.

2 Replies to “7 Reasons to Get an Ayurvedic Postnatal Massage in Melbourne”

NAGA JAHNAVI – July 6, 2021

Hello team,
I am currently 35 weeks pregnant and looking for options to get a post natal ayurvedic massage at my home post delivery for atleast 2 months.
Can you please advise if you can come to my place and help me out with massage.
If yes, can you please share the price. Suburb – Seabrook 3028.

Full address will be shared if we agree to proceed. Thanks.

Devika – January 16, 2022

Hi, I would like to enquire about post natal massage and get more details.

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