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Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful condition that can prevent a person from participating in many aspects of life. It typically starts with a sensation of tingling or numbness and worsens as time goes on.

If you’re experiencing symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, you might be looking for some natural ways to ease your pain. Pharmaceuticals and modern treatments can be expensive, not to mention addictive, and not always address the root cause of the issue.

We’re going to explore some options of natural treatment for carpal tunnel in this article, giving you some direction on where to get started.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Natural Treatment Options

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome comes when a person’s median nerve is pinched somewhere. That pinching can come from a disruption in the natural formation of your arm and wrist, or it could come from inflammation that worsens and leads your nerve to press against bones that it’s not meant to.

The actual carpal tunnel is the section of bone and ligament right where your forearm enters into your wrist. There are numerous carpal bones covered by the transverse carpal ligament, all of which coming together to form pathways for your various nerves and ligaments to enter into your hand and function properly.

You can think of it as a system of pullies that extends down from your shoulder, through the carpal tunnel, and into your hand that allows you to embrace your dexterity.

Issues with the median nerve often come when a person does repetitive tasks with their hands. This could mean typing, playing an instrument, using a computer mouse, or anything else that requires extended time repeating the task.

In many cases, there’s a proper way to perform the task so that you won’t develop or worsen symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. This is our jumping-off point for natural remedies: prevention.

Ayurvedic Treatments

Ayurvedic treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome should aim to address whatever imbalances are contributing to the carpal tunnel in the first place. Conditions that include numbness, pain, and even inflammation are thought to be caused by disruption of the Vata dosha.

The treatment will seek to address you holistically and address the various components of your carpal tunnel syndrome, not just the median nerve and affected ligaments.


Lepana is a form of traditional Ayurveda that works by applying a paste of herbal medications to the inflamed area. It works to relieve the pain in your muscles, joints, and tendons, easing the condition of your carpal tunnel syndrome.

You can use Lepana treatment for other muscular and joint issues as well.

Hot Herbal Pouch

Hot herbal pouches are used for a number of ailments ranging from tendon pain to colds and viruses.

The pouch is filled with the appropriate herbal medicines to address the particular issue you’re having. The treatment works through application to the affected area but also operates on your sense of smell and the intake of various aromas from the herbs selected.


Abhyanga is a treatment of oil. Rubbing medicated oils on your body can benefit numerous elements of your life and health. One can target various bodily issues such as carpal tunnel through Abhyanga.

What’s more is that the treatment helps to improve circulation and release endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin. Among other benefits, these effects work together to ease your pain and target the direct issue you’re having with your ligaments.


A Dhara treatment is another that uses oil to treat various ailments. The striking thing about Dhara is that it can suddenly relieve tension and pain, but lasting effects come when a person undergoes a series of treatments over a period of time.

This is one of the oldest treatments in Ayurveda, and is carried out through the infusion of warm oils and herbal medicine.

Greeva Vasti

Greeva Vasti is a method of treating neck issues by placing a compartment over the upper back and neck and allowing medicated oils to pool there and seep interact with the skin.

A number of ailments can be improved through Greeva Vasti, although many of them pertain to issues of the muscles, joints, ligaments, and spine. The neck is a hub for our bodies’ nervous and muscular systems, so addressing pain there can address pain elsewhere throughout the system.

Herbs Used to Treat Carpal Tunnel

Many Ayurvedic treatments use combinations of herbs to address various issues at once. In terms of carpal tunnel, many of the herbs used in treatment will have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.

Rasna is a herb commonly used in the treatment of arthritis and joint issues. It’s also effective at curbing inflammation and relieving the swelling in your tendon that’s causing so much pain.

Shallaki is another herb that will likely be used in the treatment of inflammatory issues. It’s a tree that is found in central and western India, and practitioners use a resin that’s extracted from the tree’s stems.

Haridra is another herb that addresses internal inflammation. Additionally, it can help to lower cholesterol, combat ulcers, and curb symptoms of allergic reactions.

Guduchi and Gulgullu are two more herbs common to Ayurveda that can be manipulated into various oils and treatments that can address inflammation, allergies, rheumatic disorders, immune system enhancement, and improve the symptoms of cold and flu viruses.

All of these herbs can be used independently or with one another to operate within the specific Ayurvedic treatment that is used to address your carpal tunnel.

These natural treatments have been used for centuries to tackle issues like the one you’re experiencing. Again, the great thing about Ayurvedic treatments is that they aim to address the core issues that contributed to the imbalance.

So, you might find yourself not only with improved carpal tunnel symptoms but also with a clearer head and feeling of enhanced wellness.

Looking for Professional Healing?

If your carpal tunnel syndrome is on the rise and you want to start addressing it today, we’re here to help. Ayurveda might be the answer to your condition, and we have all of the tools needed to start the healing process today.

Contact us to learn more and set up an appointment to see how your treatment could move forward.

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