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9 Natural Remedies for Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and stress are a bane to our health, from damaging our skin to wreaking havoc on our mental health. There often isn’t a perfect solution for dealing with stress and anxiety, even more so when your focus splits between work and other issues.

To help balance out the anxiety of modern life, we turn to help from one of the oldest studies of health science, Ayurveda. Our philosophy and services base on these methods of natural remedies to bring peace to body and mind.

Let’s explore what these natural remedies can do to help relieve the anxiety of the modern world.

Anxiety – Ayurveda view

Stress and anxiety come from pushing ourselves too far. Whether it is dealing with important deadlines, working long hours with little sleep, or a simple buildup of smaller issues over time, stress can hit hard.

Often this comes in the form of fatigue, depression, and aching pain as our body starts to protest the extra wear it is taking.

The mind and the body link together. By building up one, we can refocus the other. The natural remedies of Ayurveda help to bring balance and focus to this.

Below we have 9 simple and potent natural remedies, all of which are the foundational practices we offer here at Ayurherbs Ayurveda Clinic.

1. Shirodhara Massage Therapy

Massages are a powerful tool for releasing tension and stress in your body, where stress often does the most damage.

Shirodhara massage therapy is a potent massage therapy focusing on a variety of hot oils chosen for the issue at hand. The stimulation of the pituitary gland, which lines up with the ancient wisdom of the third eye, helps to increase relaxation.

The word originates around the concept of pouring onto the head. This means the treatment has a focus around the head, relieving pressure right at the source with calming oils.

2. Abhyanga Massage Therapy

An Abhyanga Ayurvedic massage is another potent treatment that focuses on increasing circulation and muscle tone and letting your body move easier and smoother. 

While Shirodhara focuses on the head and the connecting points around it, Abhyanga is a more thorough massage, focusing on muscles and skin deep aches and tension.

While all massages focus on stress relief, the Abhyanga adds an extra layer of potency by boosting energy. The effects of this can often rise up right after a session if not within a few days.

3. Panchakarma and Nasya

Panchakarma is an intensive cleansing ritual that comes in several major steps, each of which has a powerful focus on cleansing a portion of the body. The end result often improves energy and relieves stress which can make you feel sluggish.

Nasya, one of the procedures in Pancha Karma, uses medicated powders and oils that can help remove blocks in your airways. This can be a massive boon toward dealing with neck and head pain, which can be a major source of stress and anxiety.

4. Pranayama and Meditation

On the softer side of things, meditation can be a fantastic tool to calm our rattled minds. Meditation is any calming method that focuses on steadying your own thoughts.

Pranayama is a potent form of breathing exercises to help focus your mind and body. It can form a powerful foundation for your meditation to banish stress from your mind and body.

Putting away time for Pranayama and meditation can go a long way toward better mental health, even for short periods of time.

5. Routine and Regular Exercise

Exercise is a powerful tool in the fight against stress and anxiety. Controlled physical work can help energize the body with endorphins and burning off excess, anxious energy.

Exercise can be almost anything physical, from simple cardio like running and jogging to yoga and weight lifting. Keeping a routine of regular exercise and following suggested methods is a great way to keep a steady mind.

The long term benefits can help to ward off future stress and anxiety. Less body fat and a more positive body image can fight exhaustion and depression. An anchor of routine can also keep the mind focused, helping it to regulate your natural body health.

6. Herbal Natural Remedies – Ashwaganda

Herbal supplements are a much wider variety of medicinal herbs that can help reduce stress and relieve tension in the body.

Ashwaganda is a relaxing herbal supplement that focuses on sleep health. It provides support against exhaustion and helps a more regular night and day cycle, relaxing your body.

7. Herbal Natural Remedies – Vacha

Another potent herbal remedy is Vacha. Vacha, or Calamus, is a topical supplement that can help enhance the senses. This can help improve meditation and thoughtfulness.

Vacha can also find use in toning down joint pain, which can be a common background factor in increasing amounts of anxiety.

Vacha can also be a great dietary supplement, as it can boost the enzymes that come with digestion. The list of potent uses can go on for quite a while.

8. Herbal Natural Remedies – Brahmi

Brahmi is an herbal supplement that enhances the entire nervous system. They both work to improve memory and cognition.

Brahmi also has a high dose of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. This can help it become a potent tool for even the simplest of conditions, making it a common sight for many physical therapy sessions.

9. Herbal Natural Remedies – Gotukola

Gotukola is a similar herbal supplement to Brahmi in that they both can give a powerful boost to the cognitive function. Gotukola has many other benefits too, though.

Gotukola has a dramatic effect on the body’s circulation, which can help clear out the body faster to reduce muscle soreness and high blood pressure. As these two items are common causes of sleep deprivation, Gotukola can make for a powerful sleep aid.

Getting the Treatment You Need

As you can see, natural remedies can come in all shapes and each of them can find a way to find into your life, schedule, and budget. Even fitting one of these practices into your life can work wonders for your health.

We here at the Ayurveda Clinic strive to help serve all of our clients, helping them craft stronger and better health for themselves. We have the experience and expertise to guide you to the right natural practices for you. Contact us today for more info!


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