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Ayurvedic medicine is one of the world’s oldest medical practices. It dates back to India over 3000 years ago and treats a variety of different conditions.

Sports injuries are one of the conditions treatable by Ayurveda. Recovery from a sports injury can be a much easier process when using Ayurvedic medicine as a treatment.

The Basics of Ayurveda

Ayurvedic medicine differs from traditional western medicine. It is a whole-body lifestyle practice. It is also based on the principles of preventative medicine and wellness.

Ayurvedic medicine centres around the three doshas and keeping these three life energies in balance.

Sports Injury Recovery and Ayurveda

The downside of sports is that they can often lead to degenerative or trauma-related injuries.

Traditional western medicine uses a combination of factors to heal sports injuries. This includes physical therapy, pharmaceutical drugs, and invasive surgeries.

Common Types of Treatable Injuries

Back injuries that cause lower back pain are one of the things that Ayurvedic medicine treats most effectively. From sciatica to lumbago, to scoliosis, to muscle strain and slipped disks, all can be managed through Ayurveda.

Recovery from hip and thigh injuries such as groin strain and hip bursitis can also be improved with holistic Ayurvedic methods.

There are also many Ayurvedic treatments for injuries pertaining to hamstring and quadriceps. Ankle and foot injuries are one of the most complicated injuries for traditional western medicine to treat.

Fortunately, by using Ayurveda treatments, you can heal many of these common issues such as plantar fasciitis, metatarsal fractures, ankle sprains and injuries to the Achilles tendon.

Neck injuries are one of the most debilitating injuries that can affect many patients’ quality of life.

Things such as neck pain or stiffness are treatable by Ayurveda. So are specific conditions such as shoulder bursitis and other movement restricting disorders.

Calf and shins are two of the most common sports injury sites. This is particularly true for soccer players and runners. Cramps, shin splints and fractures are all treatable by Ayurveda. 

Arm and elbow injuries such as tennis elbow and golfers elbow are also treatable with an Ayurvedic regime. These overuse injuries can be debilitating to users and keep them off the court or links.

Ayurveda effectively treats carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist bursitis, and other forms of thumb and wrist injuries. The same is true for head injuries such as concussions.

Finally, Ayurveda can aid in muscular rejuvenation and serve as a logical mind booster. That way, your body will be loose, and your mind will be sharp for your next sports outing. 

Ayurvedic Treatments 

The following are some examples of Ayurvedic treatments that can help alleviate pain, stimulate muscles, and treat various injuries.

A single type of treatment or a combination of multiple treatments may help treat your injury.


This is an Ayurvedic treatment that involves applying a medicinal paste to the injured area of the body. It can also be used to alleviate inflammation. The ingredients in the paste vary based on the injury.


This is another form of treatment in which a paste of medicinal herbs is applied to the injury site, and left to sit undisturbed under bandages or natural leaves. 

Another form of bandage-related treatments is Bandhana, which involves applying medicated bandages to manage pain and treat injury.


These are another excellent way to alleviate pain through the practice of Ayurveda. They can be done with or without oil to produce a relaxing and pain-reducing experience.

Njavara Kizhi 

This is one such example of an Ayurvedic massage used to strengthen and tone muscles and benefit your nervous system. Medicated oil and cloth poultices are used in this process.

Kati Vasti 

This is a lower back treatment that involves applying medicinal dough and oil in combination with massage to alleviate back pain. This treatment is very effective in alleviating pain associated with slipped disks.

Janu Vasti 

This is a similar dough-related treatment that helps with knee injuries and other stiffness or joint pain issues. It is very effective in treating sprains, MCL tears and other knee issues.

Greeva Vasti

This is a treatment involving dough, medicinal oils and massage on the neck area of the body. It helps enrich and clean the patient’s blood to help maintain strong neck tissue.

It is useful in treating any musculoskeletal issues or inflammation pertaining to the neck. Black gram flour is the primary ingredient in Kati Vasti, Janu Vasti and Greeva Vasti treatments.

There Are Many More Options

These treatments are just a few of the many options that Ayurvedic medicine offers to treat various sports injuries.

A single type of treatment or a combination of multiple treatments can help your recovery from a sports injury. They can also act as preventative medicine to help you avoid injuring a specific part of your body in the first place.

Choosing the right treatment is all about the specific sports injury you are trying to treat and your individual preferences.

When you book a consultation with an Ayurvedic specialist, they can go over your options with you and help you work out a wellness plan that will best fit your specific situation.

Get on the Mend

If a sports injury is causing you undue anguish and suffering, it may be time to examine all of your options. One of your strongest options for a thorough recovery is Ayurvedic medicine. 

If you are thinking about Ayurveda, book an appointment with us today so we can help you begin your journey. You will recover fast and be back to your old self in no time when in the hands of a professional. 

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