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Get Stronger Bones With Natural Osteoporosis Treatment Options

As Mahatma Gandhi said, “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” Unfortunately, good health can be far more difficult to come by than material wealth. The more time passes by, the harder it becomes.

One of the many health concerns that tend to appear with age is osteoporosis. By learning more about the condition and your natural osteoporosis treatment options, you may be able to keep it at bay.

What Is Osteoporosis?

Like the other types of tissue in your bone, your bone tissue is constantly broken down and absorbed by your body. While this process happens, your body is producing new bone tissue to replace it.

As you get older, though, that balance shifts. You reabsorb bone tissue faster than your body can create it. The result is weaker, less dense bones that are more likely to break.

There are several causes that contribute to osteoporosis by either accelerating your bone reabsorption or slowing your bone growth. These include hormonal changes, natural ageing, and a lack of certain nutrients within the body.

From a spiritual perspective, though, osteoporosis also stems from an imbalance in your vata energy.

Natural Osteoporosis Treatment Options

You don’t need to resort to Western medicine to ease your osteoporosis or to prevent the condition from taking hold. There are several Ayurvedic treatments and natural changes you can make.

1. Internal Administration of Ghee or Oil

If you’re new to Ayurveda, you’ll learn very quickly that ghee is a common participant in our treatments. This is because ghee contributes to your vata balance while also having plenty of other nutrient benefits.

When it comes to osteoporosis, the magic of ghee comes from its healthy fats. Healthy fats reduce the inflammation in your body. Inflammation speeds up bone loss, so by limiting your inflammation, you keep your bone loss to a minimum.

It isn’t only ghee that has this advantage. You can get similar perks from other foods that contain healthy fats, like oils, avocado, and fatty fish.

2. Panchakarma

Panchakarma is a cornerstone healing process in Ayurveda, and osteoporosis is merely one of many health maladies it can address.

Panchakarma is a five-step detox process. It uses a variety of detox strategies including digestive cleansing, nasal irrigation, and other methods, all enhanced with specific herbal mixtures.

The panchakarma detox stimulates healing and cell growth throughout your body, clearing out toxins and other inflaming agents. In addition to enhancing your bone growth, panchakarma can work wonders for your vata balance.

3. Abhyanga

Like panchakarma, abhyanga is a common treatment in Ayurveda that helps your bone density among other aspects of your health.

Abhyanga is a precise type of Ayurvedic massage. Practitioners use nourishing Ayurvedic oils and careful pressure on specific trigger points.

Not only does Abhyanga enhance your vata’s balance, but it relaxes you which reduces inflammation. As with other anti-inflammatory treatments, this slows your bone loss.

4. Bastis

A basti is an enema that uses unique formulas and herbs based on Ayurvedic principles. In fact, panchakarma involves multiple types of bastis for cleansing and detoxification.

A well-formulated basti will restore balance to your vata energy while also clearing toxins from your digestive system. All of this contributes to preventing and reducing osteoporosis.

5. Ingesting Specific Herbs

Ayurvedic treatments administer specific herbs in a variety of ways, from nasal irrigation to bastis. It’s also beneficial to simply incorporate certain herbs into your daily diet. There are a few particular herbs that have strong track records.


Without a doubt, ashwagandha is a crucial herb for your bone health. It helps with bone calcification and increases the number of cells that produce bone tissue. It also reduces inflammation and paves the way for better bone healing.

On top of all this, ashwagandha fights back against some of the changes in your body that contribute to osteoporosis, like hormonal imbalances.


Turmeric is well-known as a powerful herb even outside of the Ayurvedic community. While it has numerous health benefits, one of those benefits is reducing bone reabsorption. The more slowly your body breaks down and reabsorbs bone tissue, the less likely you are to have a drop in bone density.


As delicious as it is, ginger has plenty of advantages for staving off osteoporosis. One key benefit is its anti-inflammation properties, reducing your rate of bone loss.

On top of this, ginger is a true powerhouse when it comes to your vata. Its warming properties within your body can restore balance and health to your vata energy.

6. Diet and Lifestyle Modifications

Everything that you do with your body or put into your body affects your health in some way. It’s only natural that your diet and lifestyle choices will impact your risk for osteoporosis.

There are specific foods that will contribute to your bone health and your vata balance. Most notably, incorporate ghee, coconut oil, and olive oil into your diet.

Certain fruits go a long way as well, specifically apples, pears, peaches, plums, bananas, grapes, mangoes, papayas, cantaloupes, and watermelons. Don’t forget your vegetables, especially fresh beans, green leafy vegetables, spinach, beetroot, ginger, garlic, turnips, and carrots.

That’s not all, though. You should also enhance your diet with foods like pumpkin seeds, quinoa, millet, brown rice, whole wheat, artichokes, cashews, almonds, sweet potatoes, beans, sesame seeds, and flax seeds. Another powerhouse is dandelion tea.

Of course, it’s not just about eating the right foods, it’s about avoiding the wrong ones too. Steer clear of salty foods, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. Make sure you don’t smoke, either.

Another lesser-known tip is to avoid cold foods, especially when the weather outside is cold. Your vata is all about warmth, so you want foods that restore that warmth rather than working against it.

Finally, don’t forget about exercise. In particular, weight-bearing exercises help with your bone density. That includes anything that gets you on your feet, like walking and jogging.

If you already have osteoporosis, though, ask your doctor which exercises are safest for you to prevent falls and fractures.

Importance of Cleansing and Nourishing Treatments in Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a complex health condition because it’s a combination of several factors. That includes the balance between your body’s energies.

Cleansing and nourishing osteoporosis treatments not only affect your body’s chemistry but also balance your vata. They give you a well-rounded health restoration that benefits your body as well as your mind.

To get Ayurvedic help for your osteoporosis or to prevent bone loss, call our Ayurvedic health centre today.


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