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More than 2.3 million people have Multiple Sclerosis worldwide. Patients with this condition have an overactive immune system. In particular, the immune system attacks the myelin in your body.

Thus, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) hurts your nervous system over time. And, it can lead to permanent nerve damage as the immune system weakens the nerve cells

More prevalent in women than men, Multiple Sclerosis causes multiple symptoms. These include numbness, tingling, weakness, mental changes, and more.

Over time, researchers have created many kinds of treatments for multiple sclerosis. But, the Multiple Sclerosis Ayurvedic treatment, is showing more promise than previous treatments. The Ayurvedic treatment is new to MS research, but many studies have already shown a great impact.

To learn more about this Multiple Sclerosis treatment, keep reading.

What Is the Multiple Sclerosis Ayurvedic Treatment?

The Ayurvedic treatment for Multiple Sclerosis is holistic. It focuses on balancing Vata dosha. Because brain and nerve function depends on the dosha, an energetic imbalance can cause disturbances in the body.

Ayurvedic treatment can improve digestion, detoxify the body, and nourish the nervous system. However, an Ayurvedic specialist must be the one to start and direct this kind of treatment.

Ayurvedic treatment is also unique because it’s given on an individual basis. No one person’s treatment is the same as another’s person treatment.

This is because this technique recognizes that each individual is unique. Everyone has their own experiences, symptoms, wants, and needs.

Therefore, each person has to receive their own course of treatment.

Ayurvedic treatment consists of two main concepts:

  1. Rogaparisksha – this concept focuses on the severity, range, and progression of the ailment
  2. Rogipariksha – this concept focuses on the patient’s age, diet, nutrition, body composition, lifestyle, personal medical history, family medical history, dosha type, and medication tolerance

By taking the entire individual into account, Ayurveda can help MS patients treat their entire selves. This is better than focusing on one or a few symptoms.

What Dosha Types/Combinations Are Common in Patients With MS?

The probability of having MS is higher in individuals with the following dosha types/combinations:

  • Kapha dosha
  • Pitta dosha
  • Vata dosha
  • Kapha dosha and vata dosha
  • Pitta dosha and kapha dosha
  • Pitta dosha and vata dosha
  • Kapha dosha, pitta dosha, and vata dosha

Knowing these can help us understand what kind of patient may need to undergo Multiple Sclerosis Ayurvedic treatment.

What Does Ayurveda Do?

Because Ayurveda is holistic, it focuses on completing many benefits throughout the body:

  • Assist the patient in completing activities of daily living
  • Allow the patient to be more independent
  • Keep the family involved in the patient’s care
  • Boost the patient’s motivation as well as their family members’ hope
  • Help the patient make more sound decisions about their own care
  • Keep the patient informed about supportive equipment such as walkers, wheelchairs, braces, and more
  • Compose an exercise regime that is specific to the patient themselves
  • Focus on endurance, muscle control, and overall strength
  • Work to retain gross and fine motor skills
  • Manage bowel and bladder incontinence
  • Provide support of cognitive skills through meditation and yoga

As you can see, the holistic approach really works to focus on many different aspects of the MS patient’s life. Of course, the treatment looks at improving symptoms like numbness and loss of function. But, it also looks at improving activities of daily living and mental health.

By looking at every aspect of the patient’s life, you’re making the patient’s quality of life better. And, including mental health exercises and family members in this makes a huge difference in patient care.

What Treatment Methodologies Does Ayurveda Use for MS Patients?

As you know, Ayurveda uses different treatment types depending on what the patient is dealing with. Here are some of the treatment methodologies that MS patient typically use:

  • Customized yoga regimes – making yoga routines based on the particular patient’s needs
  • Dietary modifications based on body type- everyone has different dietary reactions so diet is important
  • Herbs – prescribing particular herbs can help to reduce stress, to improve vata balancing in patient’s with MS. These can help calm the mind and heal the body when given correctly
  • Abhyanga massage – giving regular massages can help with bodily symptoms
  • Marma points activation – these can help all over the body
  • Panchakarma – specifically Vasti karma

The key here is the personalization of treatment. The more personalized the treatment is, the better each individual patient will react to the treatment itself.

How Does the Ayurvedic Treatment for MS Work?

Ayurveda is one of the most ancient treatments, yet it is seemingly futuristic. It treats physical and mental ailments. In particular, experts worldwide use this kind of treatment for neurological disorders.

This is why it’s such a popular choice for MS patients.

As we mentioned earlier, MS is tied to Vata. This is a chief factor in physiological maintenance throughout the body. Thus, the Vata biofactor controls the functions of systems throughout the body.

The Ayurvedic treatment for MS primarily consists of four different kinds of treatment:

  1. Samsodhan – cleansing the body through Panchakarma therapy
  2. Samsaman – palliative care through internal medicine
  3. Kaya kalp – rejuvenation of the body
  4. Sattvavajaya – counselling and psychotherapy

With these therapies, patients will also go through diet changes and lifestyle modifications. These will help to ensure that the whole patient is being cared for, inside and out.

Since its founding, Ayurvedic treatment has been evolving. Experts are constantly coming up with new ways to repair the body.

Ayurvedic treatment has made big strides in prevention and treatment.

Ayurvedic Treatment Consultation in Melbourne

You now know everything you need to know about Multiple Sclerosis Ayurvedic treatments. It was a lot of information, but we’re sure that you’re excited to try it. These have been promising because of the personalized approach that Ayurvedic specialists take.

If you live in or near Melbourne, you should sign up for an Ayurvedic consultation. We can help you find out what course of treatment is right for you.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to take control of MS. So, give Ayurvedic treatments a chance.

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