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Healing Benefits of Natural Treatments for Cracked Heels

Many people spend a lot of time caring for the skin on their faces and forget about the importance of their feet. The skin on your feet is like a shield that protects you from dirt and toxins. If you don’t take care of your feet properly, the skin becomes cracked. This can lead to

Coping With Depression? 9 Surprising Ways Ayurveda Can Help

Cases of depression are on the rise around the globe. In 2017, the WHO published figures which revealed Australia’s population to have one of the highest rates of depression and anxiety disorders in the world. Depression can have many different causes and can manifest itself in a number of different ways. Stress, major life events, medical conditions,

Can You Treat a Slipped or Bulging Disc With Ayurvedic Therapy?

A slipped disc can be excruciating if it isn’t treated properly. There are a number of ways to address back pain, many of which come from modern medicine and different physical therapies. One method for the treatment of back pain that many aren’t aware of, though, is ayurvedic therapy. We’re going to explore some options

A Comprehensive Guide to Ayurvedic Treatments for Anorexia

There are about 10,200 annual deaths that are the direct result of an eating disorder. Anorexia is one of the most common and it is life-threatening. Not enough people who suffer from anorexia receive the help they need. If you suffer from anorexia or know someone who does, it’s exciting to find out that there are different

The Ayurvedic Approach: Muscular Dystrophy Natural Treatment

No one wants to get a diagnosis of an illness such as muscular dystrophy. It might seem like a sentence for life, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you or a loved one are suffering from muscular dystrophy, there are natural Ayurvedic treatments to try. Muscular dystrophy natural treatment is varied and

Treating Mononucleosis: 7 Natural Remedies for Mono

Promoting health, wellness, and treatment shouldn’t mean introducing harmful chemicals and drugs into your system. The side effects of certain therapeutic interventions can be even worse than the symptoms of the illness itself! So when it comes to treating mononucleosis, you should consider taking a different approach. These natural remedies for mono can help boost

Understanding Ayurvedic Treatments For Coeliac Disease

An estimated one in 70 Australians deals with coeliac disease. If you’re one of them, you’ve probably tried a slew of different methods to assuage your symptoms. But if traditional medicine has failed you thus far, you may want to try an ayurvedic treatment instead. Ayurvedic practitioners believe that there’s no separation between themselves and nature. As

What Are Your Natural Glaucoma Treatment Options?

Glaucoma is second only to macular degeneration when it comes to going blind. Over 5 million humans suffer from this slow and debilitating disease of the eye worldwide. There are many ways to approach your glaucoma treatment through herbs, Ayurveda, diet, and exercise. Finding the right one for you may take time and experimentation, so be

7 Reasons to Get an Ayurvedic Postnatal Massage in Melbourne

Since 2000, the fertility rate of women in their early 30s has been higher than all other groups in Australia. With the heightened fertility rate in this age group, many are wondering how to take care of themselves after childbirth. If you have recently given birth in Melbourne, you should consider a postnatal massage to

9 Clear Signs You May Have a Fatty Liver

Your liver is crucial for a healthy life. Aside from filtering toxins from your body, your liver is responsible for building proteins, providing you with ample energy throughout the day, as well as making new blood. But what happens when you suffer from fatty liver, and how can you treat it? The good news is

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