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After Delivery Care for Mother: Guide to Ayurvedic Post Natal Care

For women, the first few months after delivery are usually critical, especially as the expanded uterus shrinks back to its regular size. Nevertheless, the muscles, tendons, and ligaments, which connect to the uterus, start to regain the strengths that are lost to labor.

Are you interested in a way to maintain health, balance, and peace during and after your delivery? You have come to the right place! Here, we will discuss everything you need to know about after delivery care for the mother.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda, which is short for Ayurvedic Medicine, has existed for over 3,000 years and originated in India. This holistic healing practice treats the body as a whole.

Ayurveda is based on the belief that health and wellness for the body are comprised of a balanced spirit, body, and mind.

Your life energy and balance (Ayurveda) are in harmony with the universe. If something breaks or disrupts your balanced mind, body, or soul, the belief is that you become sick.

Ayurvedic practices for after delivery care for mothers allow for a quicker, healthier post-natal recovery.

Doshas: What are They?

In Ayurveda, people who practice this belief say that every person is made up of 5 elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Space.

Combinations of these elements in the human body form energies or “doshas.” Here are the three doshas:

  • Vatta dosha—air and space
  • Pitta dosha—water and fire
  • Kapha dosha—water and earth

Post-natal Effects on a New Mom

When a mother has just given birth, there are so many mixed emotions and feelings. While she can feel proud and awestruck by the fact that she just gave life to another human being, she can also feel exhausted, depressed, and pain/soreness.

Let’s take a look at some of the longer aftereffects of giving birth:

  • Stretch marks
  • Varicose veins
  • Post-Partum Depression
  • Extensive bleeding
  • Soreness and pain
  • Not enough sleep
  • Issues with milk production
  • Problems bonding with your baby
  • Mental health decline due to self-image

These are just a few of the aftereffects of birth that mothers face. Ayurveda, however, works to practice specific methods to overcome or prevent these issues, to allow for a faster, healthy healing process.

Methods of Ayurvedic After Delivery Care for Mother

The days following the birth of a child are considered sacred in Ayurveda. These days should be concentrated on love, healing, and self-care.

Ayurvedic texts propose that the first 42 days of a baby’s life are essential for bonding, rest, and rejuvenation. In today’s fast-paced society, these crucial aspects of recovery seem like impossible luxuries.

Studies have shown, however, that mothers who don’t take the necessary time to bond, rest, and recover from their injuries have a higher result of developing Post-Partum Depression.

Let’s discuss some alternative care for mothers who have just given birth.

Postpartum Massage for Mother

Postpartum massage is another essential step in the mental, spiritual, and physical healing of new mothers. Not only does this process aid in the internal muscular repair for the mother, but it also provides her with some much-needed relaxation time.

Contrary to popular belief, postpartum massage should only be completed by an ayurvedic practitioner. During this time, the woman’s muscles and nerves will be gradually coming back together, and without the proper knowledge, further harm can be done.

Through the process of Abyanga, your ayurvedic practitioner will focus primarily on your abdomen and lower back. These areas often take the brunt force of damage during labor and require special attention.

Your practitioner will also use herbal steam to provide faster healing.

For the best results, it’s best that these massages are repeated daily for a span of 7 to 14 days. The more the process can be repeated, the faster the healing process may be.

Belly wrapping

Tummy care is usually made by fitting wide belts on the waist to shrink the uterus size. You should use abdominal cotton cloth bands to tie the tummy.
This will help you recover your shape faster and supports your lower back. C-section moms should hold on for at least 14 days before giving abdominal binding a try.

Make sure it is comfortable for standing and sitting and that it isn’t too tight. Your Ayurveda practitioner can help you with this.

Ayurveda Medicines

Talk to your Ayurveda practitioner about using natural medications such as Dashamoolarishtam, Shatavari Gulam, Jeerakarishtam, herbal decoctions, and Dhanwantharam thailam

As you can see, there are a plethora of ways to deal with post-natal care properly.

How Ayurveda Helps with Recovery

There are a number of areas in which a mother could benefit from postpartum ayurvedic care. These benefits include:

  • Vata balance 
  • Improved and abundant lactation
  • Grounded mind
  • Happy mood
  • Increase circulation
  • Deep rest
  • Improved digestion and elimination

A Focus on Diet and Nutrition

A baby should not be getting its milk from a mother who has or is hungry, exhausted, grieving, depressed, cancerous tissues, is pregnant or has poor nutritional habits.

A baby’s health is dependent on its mother’s overall health and wellness. Here are several Ayurvedic dietary suggestions for after delivery care:

  • Eating frequently throughout the day and keeping it to small amounts of food at a time
  • Abstinence of spicy foods like chili powder since they can have a burning sensation when the baby drinks the breast milk
  • Consume spices like Turmeric, Ginger, and Pepper on a daily basis based on body type.

Ayurveda Care for New Mom

The crucial part of soothing care is herbs, bath, diet, and massage.
It is done to maintain mental and physical wellness, boost overall stamina, add strength to and tone up the muscles, provide relief to joint and muscle pain, boost blood circulation and improve the production of milk.

Recommended Diet Tips According to Ayurveda

For your digestive system, we suggest taking sesame oil mixed with Panchkola.

Once you digest this mixture, make sure you eat rice gruel and milk with Panchkola medication. Besides, you must take jaggery water for up to 7 days.

After 7 days, you must consume foods that your stomach can easily digest to help rebuild your strength.

What you Must do

  • Use Vatahara oil to massage yourself
  • Bathe using warm water
  • Always clean your breast and perineum
  • Urinate in 5 hours interval

What You Must Not Do

  • Don’t eat food undisciplined
  • Never store feces or urine
  • Don’t have sex or do exercise

Ayurvedic Herbs and Medicines

We don’t advise using all ayurvedic herbs and medicine mentioned below together. Consult an Ayurvedic expert to prescribe a combination of a few herbs.


Dasamoolarishtam helps to effectively boost your immune and prevent infections. A specialist usually prescribes it for the first few months of post-natal because it limits pain and inflammation.


Jeerakarishtam is popular for its ability to induce lactation. Ayurvedic specialists usually prescribe it to mother during winter or monsoon seasons as it keeps them warm.

Shatavari Gulam

Shatavari Gulam, when consumed, helps boost lactation and promote normal balance.


A specialist administers Pulileham to new moms after the third week of delivery, and for a duration of a month and a half.


Boiling milk is mixed with Shatavari herb to boost breast milk production and prevent postpartum depression. It also helps involute the uterus.


Besides boosting the production of breast milk, musta herbs also prevent inflammation and clogging of milk ducts.

Bath And Massage 

We recommend giving a long daily bath for a new mom after seven days of delivery and after 14 days for C-section.

Unique hot oil baths and massages are performed to boost immunity, detoxification, relieve pain, reduce muscle spasm, and skin clarity.

When using herbalised oil for massage, keep the oil on the skin for 45 minutes or more before bath.

Turmeric is usually mixed with herbal oils and applied to the body.

An Ayurvedic specialist should always handle the massage. They can use Ksheerabala thaila, Bala thaila, Dhanwantaram thaila, Balaswagandhadi thaila, and more, for hot oil massage (Abhyanga) on the new mom.

We recommend using herbal bath powders to prevent hair falls, stretch marks, and keep the body toned.

Chemicals should be strictly avoided during these periods. We recommend applying herbal collyrium to the eye after a bath. It boosts vision and keeps the eyes and mind cool.

Ensuring After Delivery Care for Mothers

Ensure speedy, healthy after delivery care for mothers through Ayurvedic methods. If you have any questions or concerns regarding which Ayurvedic methods are best for you, make sure you ask your holistic doctor.

Maybe you are new to the concepts and ideas of Ayurvedic practices. That’s okay! We all have to start somewhere, right? Now that we’ve outlined the basics for you on what Ayurveda post-natal care looks like, you can do some research of your own.

Contact us today for the ideal post-natal treatments for your ayurvedic journey through motherhood.


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